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by HSSC | Posted on Thursday, April 24th, 2014


Quickness is a vital factor in all sports. The ability to run faster, make quicker movements and improve his reaction time and agility all give an athlete more confidence. Overall conditioning plays a key role in improved quickness. There are a number of exercises athletes can do to achieve that goal.

Agility “T” Drill

Set up five athletic cones in a baseball diamond pattern with one cone in the middle. Each side cone should be about 5 yards from the center cone. Sit down next to the far left cone. On a signal, run to the center cone, backpedal to the cone at the bottom of the diamond and sprint to the cone at the top of the diamond. Backpedal to the center cone and then sprint to the cone on the far right. Do this drill three times.

Rope Jumping

This exercise has been used by boxers for generations to prepare for action in the ring. Jumping rope helps build quickness, reaction time, agility and endurance. Jump rope in 3-minute intervals. Jump rope before the start and at the finish of every workout.

Sprint Lateral Shuffle

Set up a series of seven athletic cones every 10 yards in a stair pattern. Start at the first cone and sprint to the second cone. Sidestep to the third cone. Sprint straight to the fourth cone and sidestep to the fifth. Continue in the same manner with the sixth and seventh cones. Turn around and run back in the same manner to the starting point. Repeat this drill at least two more times.

Box Drill

Mark a square pattern on a field with athletic cones. Each cone should be 10 yards apart. Label the four cones as “A,” “B,” “C” and “D.” Place a fifth cone — labeled “E” — in the middle of the box pattern. Two athletes start at the “E” cone. On a signal, Athlete 1 sprints to cone “A” and then back to “E.” Athlete 2 sprints to cone “B” and then back to “E.” Athlete 1 then runs to cone “B” while athlete 2 runs to cone “C.” Keep going in this manner until both athletes have run from cone “E” to the other four cones



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