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Do’s and Dont’s Of Making Your Highlight Video

by HSSC | Posted on Friday, May 9th, 2014

Do’s and Dont’s Of Making Your Video

With the technology available today, many student athletes or their parents are making their own highlight videos to send out to college coaches. This is a great idea and a way that can save you money in process. But don’t let all the fancy editing software take away from the purpose of making the video. What you may think will make your video stand out may actually cause the coach to turn it off and move on to the next potential recruit.


The most important thing you can do is use a high quality video camera and, if possible, film the games yourself (parent or friend). If you do, make sure you get all the action and don’t zoom in solely on one player; the coach wants to see the whole picture. Once you have the game videos in hand, it’s time to make the highlight video.

Here are some tips to remember when putting together your video.

DO: Put your best highlights first

Grab the coach’s attention by putting your best highlights at the beginning of your video. But we recommend that you have a coach look at them before you make the video final. Clips that you may think are highlights actually may not be. Coach’s aren’t looking for “flash”, they look for technique and desire.

DON’T: Have a long opening screen

By the time the coach sits to watch your video he knows who you are. He doesn’t need to see a long opening screen that tells him again. You do want to add your name, position and number in case the video is viewed at a later date without your information in front of him; just make it quick.

DO: Show him only your very best

Coaches have lots of videos to watch and can determine quickly whether or not they are interested enough to watch one of your game films. Don’t add highlights just for the sake of making the video a particular length. Remember that you are making the video for a specific purpose; to get the coach’s attention, not for your friends on YouTube

DON’T: Add special effects

Again, this is not an entertainment video you’re making. Don’t use slow motion, special sounds or replays. The only effect that should be added to your video should be highlighting yourself on the screen so the coach can pick you out quickly. Do not add transitions between clips (fade in/out etc) as this will distract from the play and, in many cases, cut into the highlight. Most importantly DO NOT add music to the video. Basic is best!!


DO: Show the whole play

You want to be sure to show the coach the whole play. Don’t start the clip just as the ball is snapped. The coach needs a few seconds to see the alignment and pick you out. Then let the play run until the end to show the result of the play. If you are an offensive lineman you only need to let the play run for a second or two after you show your block.

DON’T: Put your stats/accolades at the beginning of the video

The coach is not impressed by your awards and having great stats is attributed to more than just your talent. The coach doesn’t care if you scored 100 touchdowns in a season since that may be from weak opponents and/or great teammates. He’s looking at you as an individual and whether or not you possess the skills he needs at the position. He’s also looking at your desire; how hard you play when you’re up by 30 or down by 30; if you do your job when the ball goes the other way etc. Add your stats and accolades at the end of the video.

DO: Include a full game video

Highlights are great but they are intended to get the coach’s attention and get him to take the next step; watch a full game film of you. Make sure he doesn’t have to ask for one. Include a game that showcases your abilities and don’t make any edits to it. The coach wants to see how you perform under different situations throughout the game.

DO: Include your name, school, uniform number and, most importantly, contact information

Home address, phone numbers and e-mails for you, your parents and your coaches are essential. All of this should be included in writing in the packet you send out or the webpage you send a link to, but it also should be included in the video, but at end of the highlights.

Best of luck with your video.

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