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Camps & Clinics MSHSAA Rules

by HSSC | Posted on Sunday, May 11th, 2014

Camps & Clinics MSHSAA Rules

 If you are from Missouri and planning on attending any camps, clinics, tryouts or be in an All Star game you should check out the Missouri State High School Activities Association’s rules & regulations to ensure you do not hurt your eligibility in any way. MSHSAA is the best source to find out all the important information during your high school career.  

(to check your state rules please visit their high school association)

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    Sports Camps and Clinics

  • Fall Sports: No summer specialized sports camp involving a fall season sport shall be attended after July 31.
  • Winter and Spring Sports: There is a two-week dead period for camp/clinic attendance prior to the first allowable practice date for the sport concerned.
  • During the school year outside of the school sport season, you may attend a non-school sponsored specialized sports camp(s) or group instruction, provided: it does not result in any loss of school time, attendance does not occur within 14 days of the start of the school sport season for the sport concerned, it is not a team camp, no competition occurs other than limited scrimmaging, and no member of the coaching staff of the school you attend (or will attend) is involved in any way.
  • During the school sport season, you may attend a non-school sponsored specialized sports camp(s) or group instruction provided a school coach attends with you, camp attendance does not result in any loss of school time, it is not a team camp, there is no competition other than limited scrimmaging, and a school administrator approves your participation.
  • You or your parents must pay all camp/clinic fees, tuition and other related expenses.  A scholarship, waiver of fees shall result in the loss of your eligibility.  The school may provide transportation at no cost during the summertime only.
  • You may attend only ONE sport camp per sport per year by special invitation. You may attend any number of “open” sport camps.
  • NOTE: Before attending any specialized athletic camp(s)/clinic(s) or group sport instruction, you should consult with your school principal or athletic director to make sure it meets the criteria published in the MSHSAA Official Handbook.

    College Auditions and Tryouts

  • You may participate in a college tryout, audition or evaluation event for a specific sport outside the school season of the sport concerned.
  • You may not miss school time to travel to or participate in the event unless your absence is approved in advance by the school administrator.
  • You may not miss a MSHSAA-sponsored postseason athletic event to participate in or travel to and from the event.
  • You may only attend one evaluation event by invitation per sport per year. You may attend any number of “open” evaluations.
  • NOTE: See your administrator before signing up and agreeing to attend any such events.

    All-Star Games

  • An all-star event is one in which an individual is invited to participate due to his or her high school achievements.
  • You may not compete in an all-star game or contest before you complete your eligibility in the sport concerned.  Participation in an all-star game or contest before ending your high school eligibility will result in you becoming ineligible to participate in any high school sport.
  • A senior with no high school eligibility remaining for a specific sport may participate in one All-Star game for that sport prior to summer. Discuss the event with your administrator before agreeing to play.



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