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by HSSC Admin | Posted on Friday, January 2nd, 2015



High School Sports Center soars into 2015/2016 with high expectations, lead by our unique way of high school sports reporting. While we can’t reveal all of our new and exciting features, here’s a little teaser of what’s to come.


HSSC will feature the following signature articles:

1.  “Playmakers” If you or someone you know would like to be featured on the state or nationwide home page of High School Sports Center just send us a email with a little info and one of our writers will be in touch with you.

2. “Videos” In the video section there will be training, outstanding feats, HS athlete recruiting videos, outstanding plays, winning shots, videos to laugh at, trick shots and more.

3. “State News” Exciting articles from every state will be showcased so stay tuned for hot sports news, tips and coverage from all boys & girls sports!

4. “Live” Video Feeds from High School events all over the nation from students, players, parents, fans, coaches and you!

So join us as we take the next step towards being the leader in high school sports coverage!



High School Sports Center State Partner: If you are interested in running High School Sports Center in your state, want to post live video feeds (short or long) from your high school events or have a networking idea then please email HSSC –info@highschoolsportscenter.com

High School Sports Center Content/Freelance: HSSC will always be searching for content so if you have scores, a video, possible article information, know a “Playmaker” or want us to come cover your game or tournament then let us know! We will get to work on it! If you are a Freelance blogger or photographer and want your work published on a state or national level let us know, we have several partnership plans! 

High School Sports Center Scholarships: HSSC also has a Scholarship Program for journalism & photography students so if you enjoy covering your schools teams then why not get into the running for a nice scholarship, free High School Sports Center products, build an incredible portfolio, letter of recommendations for your college or career and more! We have several plans in the works.  (HSSC also has openings for college journalism students) Interested? Email HSSC for details! journalism@highschoolsportscenter.com

So much more to come so check back often and follow us on all our social media for all the updates! 

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