Golf Tip… 3 clubs that confuse most golfers.

by HSSC Admin | Posted on Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Here’s Todays Tip… 3 clubs that confuse most golfers.


Today let’s spend a few minutes helping you with some information on choosing the right equipment for your game… there are some simple yet effective tips that will really help you out. 

Many people get a little confused with the difference between hybrid clubs, fairways woods, and long irons. Here’s the inside scoop to help you out.

Long Irons: For most golfers these are the hardest of the three to hit well, and because of their small heads and low lofts those who don¹t strike the ball consistently with a decent amount of clubhead speed often struggle with long irons.

When they are hit well, however, they deliver a low penetrating ball flight that is ideal for windy conditions and even on mishits they often will not travel far enough to get you into real trouble. Long irons also perform well from fairway bunkers and rough.

Fairway Woods: These clubs can be great to use as a substitute for your driver, or when you need to get some distance on an approach shot or layup from the fairway. Thanks to the extra mass that their head provides fairway woods are often easier to get air born than long irons, and they can travel great distances with a high soaring flight pattern.

Fairway woods do have their limitations however, especially in long grass and fairway bunkers where they can easily get bogged down, and on mishits they can cause your ball to fly quite a ways off track.

Hybrid Clubs: By combining the head shape of long irons and fairway woods golf club designers were able to create a new genre of golf club called the hybrid. These clubs perform just as expected – with the accuracy and versatility of a long iron and the distance and easy to hit qualities of a fairway wood.

Hybrid clubs can be a great option for a variety of different shots, and they can even make great chippers when you¹re near the edge of the green!

We also recommend replacing long irons that you don¹t hit well with hybrid clubs, but because of their larger heads and longer lengths golfers should choose one hybrid down from the iron they are replacing. For instance, you should replace a 3 iron with a 4 hybrid, and so on.

Well, that should give you a couple of things to think about today. The equipment you use and how you use it will help strengthen your game. 

Hopefully this information helps get you dialed in so you can get the most out of your game! 

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